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Notion Discipline OS | Why I created it? πŸ‘‰

Notion Discipline OS

Maintain discipline in every aspect of life with this template

How and why I created it?

"It's really hard to build a habit if you don't have discipline"

I was struggling to focus on any particular task because I was getting distracted by notifications, scrolling on social media, etc.
But I wanted to change it, Cause it was really ruining my mental health

So I decided to add strict laws and discipline to my life
βœ… 3 hours of screen time
βœ… No Instagram
βœ… Exercise 1hr per day
βœ… Deep work
βœ… Try other hobbies

It's been more than a month and I have successfully improved my mental health and life, I am more productive, happy, and focused and that's the power of discipline

The great part is that. I have been using this template every day to track my progress and now finally it's the time to share this with the world.

Get Discipline OS for just $1 now πŸ‘‡


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