Notion Developer OS

Tanmay Makode
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All in One Coding Workspace for Notion

Developer OS is the easiest way to track your coding journey. All the way from taking notes to capturing the best resources for coding.

Things You Can Do

👉 Take Important Notes of Your Code

👉 Manage your Day with Todo Lists

👉Track your Project Ideas

👉Save the Best resources for coding

👉Bookmark your favorite tutorials

👉Track multiple programming languages


Why this is helpful? 

  • It helps you because you save the most useful commands that you use daily, and rather than searching on StackOverflow, you will just use this template for help.

  • It makes you more focused because you have set goals for your coding journey.

  • It also helps you to track the best youtube tutorials and save time searching for it

  • Get immediate access to this template

  • Get immediate access to this template
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Notion Developer OS

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